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The support of our members is a critical element to the success of our nonprofit organization. MECA members have given us the opportunity to host quality programs and lead the state in local field demonstration workshops and presentations addressing construction site management to meet state NPDES requirements.  With our ever-evolving website, online registration, e-newsletter, and growing membership MECA’s outlook is brighter than ever.

Your support will allow MECA to continue to meet the needs of Minnesota by innovating workshops and courses that advance the latest technologies and techniques throughout the state.

Renew your membership for the new year!  Click here to view the form and join MECA: meca memberhip flyer

We are counting on your support. The new membership year is from January 1st to  December 31st each year.

MECA Membership is a Great Deal!

Your MECA membership practically pays for itself! With a one-year membership you will receive the following benefits:

Individual Membership $50.00
1. Discount on conference and other MECA events
2. Discount on NASECA events
3. Voting rights

MECA’s members and partners made all this possible:

  • Temporary Stream, Wetland and Soft Soil Crossings booklet
  • Virtual Project Tour
  • Superior Basin Sediment Study
  • Erosion and Sediment Control in Community Gardens Study
  • Active participation in the development of the Minnesota State Stormwater Manual.
  • Over 20 years of annual conferences.

Workshops and tours around the state such as:

  • Low Impact Development Stormwater Tours
  • Wetland and Soft Soils Crossing Field Workshops
  • Building Lot Stabilization Field Demonstration Workshops
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Field Demonstration Workshops
  • Hydromulch workshop
  • Shoreline Alternatives to Hard Armor workshop
  • Erosion and Sediment Control classroom training

Certification courses:

  • Certified Professionals in Erosion Control course and examination
  • Inspector certification
  • Host U of M Erosion and Sediment Control certification courses

Continued involvement in the development of the Minnesota Stormwater Program through participation on the Stormwater Design Team.

If you have any questions about becoming a MECA member, please contact the MECA office at 320-685-5444.